Success Stories

At DDS, our success always revolves around ensuring our clients’ success.

“Fewer Shipments = Lower Transportation Cost.”

A DDS client was utilizing multiple vendors to supply and ship new store openings.  DDS was already providing a substantial new store shipment for the client.  The client’s goal was to consolidate multiple vendor shipments into a single shipment; a perfect fit for the DDS new store program.  Through an RFP process, the client decided DDS would best meet their new store consolidation needs.  The result: fewer shipments for the client’s new store team to coordinate; consolidated freight, and lower transportation costs; and an additional benefit for the client…a single point of contact for all new store shipments. What a win for both parties!

Fewer shipments to coordinate100%
Lower transportation costs100%
A single point of contact for all new store shipments100%

“When a last minute situation arises, Alice is a star.”

One of our international clients was about to open a new store location in London and had a late product addition – shoe spray – which was deemed critical to the store opening. The challenge: it was two days to the store opening and the item hadn’t been sourced or procured.

The morning after being advised of this new item requirement, DDS associate Alice Gibson, the EMEA Operations Supervisor located in the Netherlands, was already on a plane from Amsterdam to London. The night before, Alice had procured the required full case of shoe spray and coordinated the delivery to her hotel in London. Sure enough, Alice checked into her London hotel and the case of spray arrived that evening. When she was summoned from her room to collect the box of shoe spray, the desk clerk asked her, with a snide smile on his face, “having some trouble with your feet?” Alice had a great laugh over that one! The spray was delivered the next morning and the store was able to open on time, thanks to Alice Gibson’s fast procurement action, quick airplane trip to London and timely personal delivery. Talk about Client First!

“$135,000 in savings not exactly pocket change!”

It’s amazing the savings that can result from each opportunity to quote an Office Supply Program for a client. The DDS Sourcing Team deftly negotiates valuable savings working with carefully selected suppliers. Our dedicated team of category experts secure between three and five quotes, validates them against the client’s specifications/samples and presents the best exact match and alternatives for client approval. The efficiencies DDS builds into each program translated into a savings of $135,000 for  a recent client. Imagine what we can do for you!

“It’s all about the “little things.”

DDS has recently received three very important client renewals. These renewals are a direct reflection of the dedication to excellence behind every DDS employee. They reaffirm that all the “little things” we all do every day to support our current client relationships are validated and recognized.  It proves that every job is truly a team effort and that everything we do is part of the greater whole.  It’s that difference that keeps our clients coming back.