Global Retail Supply Chain Solutions

One Site. One Expert Provider. One All-Inclusive Shop.

DDS brings you all the products, supplies, management services and packaging options your retail business needs to operate at peak efficiency, saving time and money.

From generic and proprietary bulk or pick and pack products to innovative packaging solutions, our endless range of options allows our team of industry experts to custom-build a seamless supply system, tailor-made for your unique operations. Using your precise specifications, DDS systems reduce or eliminate costly redundancies and obsolescence, while ensuring adequate supply levels at all times.

How We Source Makes a Difference
  • Domestic and international team of category experts
  • Carefully vetted suppliers
  • Both long-term partners and new resources
  • Suppliers routinely pressed for greater cost savings, flexibility and lead times
  • Supplier consolidation = increased leverage
  • Partners in achieving clients’ sustainability objectives
    • Environmentally-friendly products
    • Aligning with suppliers certified by organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

The DDS Advantage
  • Pricing and control consistency (compared to local buy)
  • Product consistency across all DCs
  • Services and technology that help expand your business
  • Flexibility to grow

DDS Fast Facts
  • Market leader for packaging/printing/janitorial
  • Complete vendor-managed inventory program
  • Online order platform with hierarchy approval
  • SKU standardization
  • Product recommendations and alternatives
  • Manage and hold title on proprietary/generic supplies
  • Provide labor for kitting, bundling, assembling and/or fulfillment

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