Global Retail Program Management

The Tools, the Teams and the Strategies for Success.

Any company can hire the most talented logistics experts or the most experienced trade negotiators.  They can acquire the newest technological advance or develop proprietary tools.  But we know it’s the way DDS puts it all together – to work harder for our clients – that makes the biggest difference. And that difference is what makes DDS a global leader in the retail supply chain industry today.

That’s how we do it.

Strategic Worldwide Locations100%
Single Point of Contact100%
Real Cost Savings100%

Inventory Planning & Management Team

  • Powerful forecasting and planning tool
  • Inventory ownership
  • Managing inventory to fill rate (not to days on hand)
  • Managing 100% of the program, including client-sourced items, through a reorder approval process
  • Managing 3 separate demand streams
    • Replenishment
    • New Stores/remodels/refurbs
    • One-off events (recurring and non-recurring)

Strategic Sourcing Team

  • Dedicated team of industry experts
  • Worldwide supplier network
  • Mix of long-term partners and new resources
  • Carefully vetted suppliers
  • Partners in achieving clients’ sustainability goals
    • Environmentally-friendly products
    • Aligning with suppliers certified by organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Implementation Team

  • Seamless transition process
  • Uninterrupted sourcing throughout
  • Critical implementation dates defined
  • Weekly status reviews
  • New store process
  • Reporting requirements defined
  • Client website development
  • Website & business intelligence training

Transportation Management Team

  • Logistic strategy experts
  • Carrier contract negotiations
  • Trade compliance expertise
  • Inbound/outbound

New Store Opening Team

  • DDS New Store Specialist assigned
  • Hands-on management start to finish
  • Equipment and service tailored to each store
  • Supplies delivered 100% complete
  • Delivery arrives at precise date and time
  • Clearly labeled cartons for easy check-in