DDS Mission Statement

DDS is dedicated to being exceptional.
Mission Statement

DDS will deliver superior returns to each of our constituencies – clients, associates, stakeholders – by being the very best provider of each and every supply distribution service that we offer to the global retail market. This will be accomplished by providing superior service, quality, innovation and value to our clients.

DDS is dedicated to being an exceptional:
  • Manager of our clients’ supply distribution programs.
  • Provider of sourcing solutions – focused on quality, cost, consistency and delivery.
  • Manager of our clients’ inventory needs – focused on exceptional fill rates.
  • Provider of warehousing services – focused on safety, sustainability, cleanliness and security.
  • Provider of order fulfillment services – focused on accuracy and timeliness.
  • Provider of transportation services – focused on cost, courtesy, quality and timeliness.
  • Provider of client service – focused on availability, knowledge, promptness and friendliness.
  • Provider of reporting, reporting systems and information technology – focused on ease-of-use, simplicity, accuracy and automation.
  • Provider and manager of new store opening systems, processes and procedures – focused on 100% fill rates, timeliness of delivery and ease of execution.
  • Partner to our clients, building on a Client First mentality – focused on openness, collaboration, execution and continuous improvement, with the understanding that we must earn our clients’ business each and every day.